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Out lesbian Patricia Todd wins at Alabama state Democratic executive committee

by PageOneQ

The removal of Patricia Todd from the Democratic slot on the ballot for the Alabama statehouse by a committee of the Alabama Democratic Party has been reversed by the party's executive committee, The Victory Fund has said in a statement issued today and obtained by PageOneQ.

Todd's victory today all but assures her election as Alabama's first out elected official. The Birmingham district she hopes to represent is overwhelmingly Democratic and the Republican party has not fielded a candidate for the seat.

Todd, associate director of AIDS Alabama, won the primary for a seat in the Alabama state legislature by 59 votes. Following a complaint by her opponent's mother-in-law, Todd and her opponent were both disqualified from the race. The complaint maintained that Todd had turned in a financial report form late. In the course of the hearing over the complaint it was learned that no candidate for state office had turned in such a form on time, including Todd's opponent and the party's current gubernatorial candidate. The committee voted Thursday to remove both candidates, as neither had filed the required form on time.

With today's executive committee vote, the committee vote from Thursday was dismissed. "Finally, the voters have prevailed. We are enormously proud of the courage and tenacity Patricia showed throughout this ordeal, and equally proud of her supporters in Alabama and beyond who stood by her unfailingly," said Chuck Wolfe, President and CEO of The Victory Fund.


Originally published on Saturday August 26, 2006.

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