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Website of Massachusetts alleged bar shooter is found and archived by PageOneQ

by Michael Rogers

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The personal website of Jacob Robida (site picture, right), aged 18, has been obtained and archived by PageOneQ.

On Wednesday evening, Robida allegedly entered Puzzles Lounge, a gay bar in his hometown of New Bedford, MA and opened fire with a gun, injuring three individuals. Reports also state that the suspect wielded a hatchet during the attack. One victim remains hospitalized in critical condition. On Friday, Robida remained at-large. According to a report by the Associated Press, one victim was released from the hospital and the local police department refused to discuss the whereabouts of the third victim.

Robida's website, hosted by, has an on-line nickname of Jake Jekyll. The site was last logged into on February 1st, the day of the attacks.

There are, on the site, many text and graphic references to murder, Nazis, anarchy and antisocial behavior. One such entry refers to Seig Heil, a popular Third Reich chant and greeting which translates as "Hail to Victory." Here is one such reference from the site:

Prominently headlined on the site is a section of prose titled, Pass the Axe:

PASS THE AXE "Pass me something Sharp and Wicked and I'll pass it back don't worry I'll pass it back." Hey click on the axe and grab it. Get your hands bloody baby! Add it to your page or put it in a comment box. Doesn't matter where you put it just PASS THE FUCKIN AXE!

The author of Pass the Axe, whether Robida or another individual is unidentified on the site. A friend of Robida, identified on the site as Charlie, posted a a number of comments.

PageOneQ contacted Charlie, at which time he confirmed his friendship with Robida, his age -- 16 -- and acknowledged posting comments on Robida's blog. All others questions of Charlie were met with a swift, 'No comment.' (Due to his age, Charlie's last name has been withheld from publication.)


In another section of Robida's site, perhaps a precursor of his supposed actions on Wednesday evening, the alleged shooter completes the sentence "Your murder weapon is ..." with a one word answer: 'hatchet':

Other sections of the site include surveys on suicide methods, mutilation and additional information on Nazi beliefs.

A photograph of a machine gun on the site is accompanied by the text:

wut gun are you. machinegun. wow your a machine gun you like to shoot at things especially people..... your not to socile but you have a love and that is to kill... don't let your list get to long you might hurt your self! [sic]

At the time of the capture of the site by PageOneQ, there were 124 comments on the page. Fifteen of which were posted after the attack in the bar.

Over the past two days 15 comments regarding the shooting have been left on the site. A member, 'NasTay,' expressed support for Robino. "...[A]nd if you did .. good job .. your [sic] my fucking idol."

Charlie, the young man who was contacted by PageOneQ, posted a comment in support of Robino. "HE DIDNT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Charlie wrote, explaining that "You all have the wrong person.."


Robino's MySpace website may be viewed by clicking here.
An archive of the site in PDF format is here.


Originally published on Saturday February 4, 2006.


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