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Website compares community leader Wayne Besen to Adolph Hitler

by PageOneQ

A website by a right-wing preacher and self-professed 'ex-gay' DL Foster has posted a picture of the executive director of Truth Wins Out, Wayne Besen, that has been modified to make Besen appear like Adolph Hitler.

Foster's blog Perspectives In Motion, has a post dated June 10th in which Foster refers to Besen's new organization as "Wayne Besen's Final Solution." Later in the post, Foster points out that Besen is Jewish:

In the press conference, Besen (of Jewish descent) claimed that 'ex-gay' ministries could not be trusted or tolerated in our tolerant society. To back up those claims he presented evidence that 'ex-gay' leaders invariably go back to being gay. Richard Cohen, John Paulk, Michael Johnston and uhhhh those two guys who "fell in love" left their wives, got AIDS and lived happily ever after. Proof positive, he asserted that 'ex-gay' ministries were shameless snake oil salesmen.
This personifies the extremism that is characteristic of the 'ex-gay' movement, Mr. Besen told PageOneQ today. "They claim they are about love, yet regularly engage in character assassination and misinformation campaigns," he added. Besen responded to the image on the site, as well as it's title, "I am disturbed by the blatant anti-semitism of Rev. Foster. His writing and the use of a graphic image which is so painful to so many speaks loudly not only of Foster, but reflects poorly on the entire so-called 'ex-gay' community," said Besen.

Foster is not the first right-wing leader to condemn Besen's new organization. Robert Knight of the Culture and Family Institute, a program of Concerned Women for America, recently attending an event at the Nation Press Club at which Besen announced the formation of Truth Wins Out. On the CWA site, the press conference was written about with links to Knight's audio commentary:
Across the country, thousands of men and women are coming out of the homosexual lifestyle thanks to groups like Exodus International and others. Now, a tiny group of homosexuals who have tried to change and have fallen back into the lifestyle have formed a group to denounce ex-gay ministries. Bob Knight, Director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute, attended the press conference launching this effort, and shares his insights and refutes some of the more outrageous claims made by the group’s founder.


Originally published on Monday June 12, 2006.

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