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AUDIO - US Senate candidate says Elton John worthy of death...speaks of Mary Cheney

by PageOneQ

Last week, the press reported that Merrill Keiser, a Democratic candidate United States Senate from Ohio, believes that homosexuality should be punishable by death. Kaiser’s opposition for the Democratic nomination is US Rep. Sherrod Brown.

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PageOneQ has obtained a portion of an audio interview in which Keiser says that singer/performer Elton John should be put to death and insinuates that the same should happen to Mary Cheney, the daughter of Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

The Edge Show, a growing podcast with over 4,000 weekly listeners, conducted the interview. (to hear the complete show, click here)

Here is the transcript of the portion of the show in which Kaiser speaks of superstar and out gay man Elton John. The original recording of the transcribed text is here in MP3 format.

The transcript follows below:

Host Chad Larson: Elton John, he comes to the state of Ohio, he’s gay and proud, you want him dead? Should he be killed?

Candidate Merrill Keiser: I would prefer that he repent

Larson: Obviously, he’s not repenting, should he be killed?

Keiser:Well he’s worthy of death

The interview then turned to the subject of Mary Chemey, the Vice President’s daughter. Larson inquired as to whether Ms. Cheney should be subject to the same treatment Mr. Kaiser suggested for Elton John:

Larson: How about Mary Cheney? How about the vice president’s daughter? Should she be killed? Should she be killed, sir, if she does not repent?

Keiser: You know the important thing is they are facing the second death

Larson: Of course, but in your perfect world, should Mary Cheney be killed for her being a homosexual?

Keiser: If she’s not going to repent.

Larson: Then she should be killed?

Keiser: She’s not being killed.

Larson: If her life is no longer existing then she is being killed.

Keiser: Well, how else are you going to do it?

Larson: So you are saying Mary Cheney …So you are saying Mary Cheney should be killed for being a homosexual.

Keiser: Why don’t we….What’s wrong with drugs

Larson: We’re going to drug her?

Keiser: Why do we have laws against drugs?


Originally published on Wednesday March 15, 2006.

CORRECTION: Mr. Keiser's name was originally reported as "Kaiser."
ED. NOTE: Despite the changed spelling of his name, he's still a hateful idiot.

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