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Mike Jones responds to Ted Haggard's announcement of his heterosexuality

by David Edwards and Michael Rogers

The prostitute who first exposed Evangelical minister Ted Haggard as a closeted gay man and crystal meth user has responded to Haggard's claim that he has successfully completed three weeks of "ex-gay" counseling.

In response to Haggard's statement, Jones giggled and responded "Well, that's the quickest therapy I've ever heard of. It's hard for me to imagine someone who is performing oral sex and saying that he is 'straight.' That just doesn't jive." If you were to ask me 'Do I think is Ted haggard gay?' I would have to say 'yes'," he added.

In response to one of Haggard's counselor's claims that Haggard's activities were not a "constant thing," Jones explained that he could only speak to the time he spent with Haggard and that had an ongoing sexual relationship with the minister and that their time together "indicated a gay man to me." Jones also shared that he had heard from two other individuals that claimed they had encounters with Haggard. Those accusers, Jones asserted, have chosen to remain anonymous for fear of losing their jobs.

When asked why he decided to expose Haggard, Jones said he was "tormented" over the decision, but that the "hypocrisy was so strong and evident that I just could not sit by any longer."


Originally published on Wednesday February 7, 2007.

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