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Very few sales for Mary Cheney's book

by PageOneQ

Mary Cheney's book, Now It's My Turn, has sold less than 6,000 copies since it hit bookstores on May 9, 2006. With a reported advance of $2 million, the book's publisher, Simon and Schuster, would need o realize a profit of $266.66 on each book sold so far in order to break even, an impossible goal for a book with a cover price of $25.00.

Sales numbers from Neilsen Bookscan, as reported by the Advocate, indicate that during the week of June 3, the books sold 574 nationwide. This number, the Advocate reported, is 77% less sales than the number sold during the book's first week on the shelves, 2,445.

A review of the information on's entry for the book reveals a number of interesting facts:

Purchasers of Cheney's book, according to Amazon (graphic above), also purchased the books by authors recognized by many on the gay community as non-supportive of lesbian and gay equal rights. Other books purchased by buyers of Cheney's book include Godless: Church of Liberalism by Ann Coulter and Can She Be stopped: Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States unless... by John Podhoretz.

In another section of the same page, Amazon offers a discount for buyer's of Cheney's book. For $35.52 customers may purchase Cheney's and Coulter's books as a pair, a discount of almost 40%


Originally published on Monday June 12, 2006.

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