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Rent boy on sex with outgoing Republican Senator Trent Lott: No comment

by PageOneQ

"Once upon a time," writes Big Head DC, "there was a twentysomething boy-next-door type with reddish blond hair and a brillantly white smile."

This boy-next-door is male escort Benjamin Nicholas, whose blog 15 Minutes helped him make some connections in business and politics.

One of these connections is rumored to be Senator Trent Lott, Republican Minority Whip and former Senate Majority Leader, rumored to have planned a resignation by the end of this year to avoid being scandalized by Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. Flynt had, back in June, offered cash rewards for substantiated accounts of sexual liaisons with elected officials.

While records have confirmed Nicholas and Lott have met at least twice, Nicholas offered no comment. Nicholas has in the past scolded escort Mike Jones, who went public to expose megachurch founder Ted Haggard, for breaching a client's confidentiality.

"It's the professional thing for me to do," he says. "Lott has quite a bit on his plate right now and I don't really want to add fuel to the embers."


Originally published on Monday November 26, 2007.

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