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Republican Party sends last minute anti-gay, anti-Muslim mailer

by PageOneQ

Expanding on an earlier report about the Virginia State Senate candidacy of Jill Holtzman Vogel and the lobbying interests of her husband, Alex, PageOneQ has learned of a mailer, with anti-gay and anti-Muslim overtones, being sent by the Republican Party of Virginia on behalf of her campaign. The cards were sent to arrive in mailboxes less than one week prior to election day, November 6th, and after the endorsements of the areas largest papers. Prior to the mailing, the Washington Post had endorsed Holtzman Vogel. (A message left with Washington Post editor Len Downie was not returned as of the writing of this article.)

Holtzman Vogel, who fought a bitterly contested primary battle against social conservative Mark Tate, is running for an open seat. The mailer attacks Vogel's opponent Karen Schultz, criticizing her "liberal record" and usage of "image consultants" and "slick mailings." It goes on to highlight other candidates her consulting firm has supported, specifically writing about a Muslim man and a lesbian woman.

Holtzman Vogel is running on a "pro-family" platform to represent Virginia's 27th district in the State Senate, garnering the support of the Virginia Conservative Action PAC and Laurie Letourneau, founder of Mass Voices for Traditional Marriage during her residence in Massachusetts. Letourneau left Massachusetts after it affirmed equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Meanwhile, Holtzman Vogel's husband Alex's lobbying firm has been paid $510,000 in the past three years, according to the US Senate's US Lobby Registration & Reporting Disclosure Page, lobbying for LGBT-friendly media giant Viacom.

A scanned copy of the mailer follows:



Originally published on Saturday November 3, 2007.

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