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VIDEO: Samantha Bee: 'Larry Craig is gay in eyes of the law'

by Raw Story News Service

After Larry Craig lost a legal bid to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct in a men's restroom, the Daily Show's Samantha Bee thinks that there is finally some closure to the Idaho Republican's scandal.

"It's been months since the Minneapolis High Court found Larry Craig gay," she reported. "Now that his petition of 'not gay' has been thrown out, it's official: Larry Craig is gay in the eyes of the law.

A confused Jon Stewart questioned Bee about her claim, pointing out that the court ruled on the legality of his misdemeanor plea, not his sexuality.

"John, John, John, you are so adorable," she responded. "All of our sexuality is determined by the courts. It's a landmark case. 1976. Village v. People of the State of New York."

Stewart also acknowledged Craig's indecision regarding his whether or not he should resign from the Senate, amplified by an onslaught of media coverage. "It's almost as if he's confused with who he is and what he wants," he said.

The following video is from Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart, broadcast on October 8, 2007


Originally published on Tuesday October 9, 2007.

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