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Haggard prostitute claims he met Larry Craig, Blogger who outed Craig says he's lying

by PageOneQ

PageOneQ and BlogActive's Mike Rogers, the blogger who first reported on Larry Craig's activities in public bathrooms has challenged Mike Jones, famed Denver escort and outer of fallen megachurch leader Ted Haggard, to produce evidence he has met with Senator Larry Craig as he claimed on radio last night.

As KESQ reports, Jones, during a recent visit to Palm Springs' KNWQ-AM for a broadcast of the "Bulldog Bill Feingold Show," promised management that he would release details about an encounter he had with the embattled senator, but ultimately didn't reveal anything that could be verified.

"Let me just say this," says Jones. "His travel records to Denver have been documented. That's what I'm going to say."

"Clearly, anyone can make an accusation absent of details that would be easy to refute," rebuts Senator Craig's office.

This audio clip of Rogers' call into the Feingold show was aired the evening of Wednesday, October 3.

"Mike," Rogers begins, "I think what you did with Ted Haggard was absolutely amazing."

Asks Rogers of Jones' motivation for outing Haggard: "Because he was a hypocrite was the main reason?"

"It was the primary reason," says Jones. "Absolutely. Hypocrisy. He was a hypocrite."

"I'm wondering about Larry Craig," continues Rogers. "I'm wondering if you think he's a hypocrite."

"Yes he is," responds Jones.

Segues Rogers: "So, have you had sex with Larry Craig?"

Jones: "He's a hypocrite."

Rogers says, "You've intimated tonight that you've had sex with him...I'm the guy who first reported on him in October of 2006, and I'm the guy that's been all over the media about Larry Craig...and I'm ready to ask you...You've said the guy's a hypocrite. You have acknowledged for the American people the value in doing this for hypocrites and I applaud you for what you did...and you've acknowledged that Larry Craig is a hypocrite."

Continues Rogers: "So let's let it out: Did you do him, or not?"

"I don't know who you are," responds Jones.

Rogers identified himself.

"You didn't sleep with Larry Craig," Rogers continues, "and I think what you're doing is, you're trying to get some juice here, Mike, for the book...If you did, you would've put out the proof."

Rogers continued the discussion by explaining that books on topics like Jones' do not generate high sales and that he was using this radio appearance to generate interest in a book that wasn't garnering much attention.

At one point Rogers challenged Jones by explaining that Rogers' sources gave undisclosed information about physical characteristics of Larry Craig. Jones would not reply to Rogers' line of questioning on the issue.

The entire exchange can be heard HERE.


Originally published on Friday October 5, 2007.

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