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Hallmark stores refuse to sell company's own wedding cards

by AP News

Treasure Valley Hallmark stores won't carry same sex greeting cards

NAMPA - A manager says seven Hallmark greeting card stores in the Treasure Valley will not carry the company's new same-sex marriage cards.

Cassi Jacobsen, an assistant manager for the Jordan's Hallmark store in Nampa's Karcher Mall, says the family that owns the seven area stores has decided against carrying the new line of greeting cards. She said the owners were out of town and not immediately available for comment.

Reaction to the cards has been mixed.

Idaho Family Values Alliance Executive Director Bryan Fischer sent out a press release Thursday calling for local-area Hallmark stores not to carry the cards.

But Delmar Stone of Nampa, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers Idaho Chapter, called the cards "wonderful."

Jody May-Chang, the Boise editor of the gay rights Web site, called the decision a bullying tactic.\


Originally published on Monday August 25, 2008.

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