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Law & Order plot takes on the Larry Craig scandal

by Nick Langewis and David Edwards

A NYPD detective enters a department store bathroom. He sits down in a stall, to be quickly greeted by the tapping foot of the man next door. He taps back, and his suitor reaches a hand under the partition.

The detective hands his subject his business card.

If it sounds familiar, it's precisely how Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) was cited in the summer of 2007 under suspicion of soliciting gay sex in a Minneapolis airport restroom.

NBC's Law & Order builds a storyline based on a closeted Assemblyman with an anti-gay voting record, a secret penchant for the company of men, and at least one credit card receipt for a gift basket sent to a man that has turned up dead.

The following clip is from NBC's Law & Order, broadcast January 30, 2008.


Originally published on Thursday January 31, 2008.

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