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Michael Schiavo speaks out against Florida's gay marriage ban

by Nick Cargo

Michael Schiavo, husband of the late Terri Schiavo, states his opposition to Florida's Amendment 2, saying that couples should not be subject to government intervention on the whims of the "family values" contingent.

"It's hard to respect people who only pay lip service to family values," he says. "The same people who thought they knew what was best for my wife Terri are once again telling others how to live."

The Floridian fought a years-long legal battle with Terri's parents after she entered a permanent vegetative state following severe brain damage after suffering respiratory and cardiac arrest in 1990. Mr. Schiavo, as husband and guardian, petitioned his county court to remove his wife's feeding tube in 1998, but her parents Robert and Mary Schindler objected, saying she was still conscious. While the court determined that Mrs. Schiavo would not have wanted such life-prolonging measures, the feeding tube remained until March 2005, after all the Schindlers' legal options were exhausted. Such intervention included "Terri's Law" in 2003, backed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush and eventually ruled unconstitutional, and Congressional subpoenas issued by Republican lawmakers followed by the "Palm Sunday Compromise," signed by President Bush, which transferred the legal battle to federal courts.

"As a former Republican," Mr. Schiavo adds, "I think if the people behind Amendment 2 really cared about respecting a legal marriage between husband and wife, they would have respected mine."

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Originally published on Wednesday October 15, 2008.

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