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Oklahoma legislator defends leaked anti-gay statements

by Nick Langewis

Update: Rep. Kern issues press release with official statement

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Facing criticism over a speech on the "homosexual agenda," spreading across the Internet after being posted online by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern stands by her statements in the video clip below.

"The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation," opens a candid Kern to who she thinks is a private audience of fifty Republicans.

"Not everybody's lifestyle is equal," she charges, "just like not all religions are equal."

"According to God's word," Kern continues, "that is not the right kind of lifestyle. It has deadly consequences for those people involved in it."

In the speech, Rep. Kern charges that gays are "infiltrating" political offices, seeking to indoctrinate America's children through pro-gay legislation, gay-straight alliances and school curricula. She considers gays "the death knell for this country;" a threat larger than international terrorism.

"Or Islam," she adds, "which I think is a big threat."

Kern also compares the LGBT movement to "cancer in the big toe," making the comparison to say that the "gay agenda" must be rooted out before allowed to "spread."

"This stuff--it's deadly," she says, "and it's spreading, and it will destroy our young people. It will destroy this nation."

UPDATE: On March 10, 2008, Rep. Sally Kern made the following statement, released through the Oklahoma House of Representatives' Media Division:

“To put this simply, as a Christian I believe homosexuality is not moral. Obviously, you have the right as an American to choose that lifestyle, but I also have the right to express my views and my fellow Oklahomans have the right to debate these issues.

“In recent years homosexual activists have begun to aggressively promote their agenda through the political process, often providing substantial financing to candidates who agree with their views, including many running for state legislative races. National publications such as Time, The Atlantic and USA Today have noted that trend. That is their right, just as it is my right to voice opposition to their agenda, which I have been asked to do at several public forums in recent months. That’s what democracy is all about. It appears some homosexual activists believe only one group is allowed a voice in this debate. I disagree.

“A vigorous debate on an issue is not ‘hate speech’ – it’s free speech. I have made clear my opposition to the agenda of homosexual activists, but I have never endorsed or supported any hateful action targeting individuals on the other side of this debate and never will. The fact that many gay rights activists claim anyone opposing their agenda is engaging in ‘hate speech’ says more about them than me.

“Most Oklahomans are socially conservative and believe marriage is a sacred institution, the union of one man and one woman, and that the traditional family is worth protecting and preserving. When I campaigned for office, I promised my constituents to stand up for those values, and I do not apologize for keeping my word.”

Special thanks to David Edwards of for providing this video:


Originally published on Monday March 10, 2008.

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