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VIDEO: On convention floor, marriages in Massachusetts highlighted

by PageOneQ

It's become tradition at national political conventions for state delegations to precede their casting of votes for President with a short statement about the state.

To cheers, the spokesperson and Chair of the Massachusetts delegation rose to the floor to cast the state's votes with the following statement:

I'm senator Therese Murray, the first woman president of the Massachusetts State Senate. I'm joined by my co-chair, our first African American Governor Deval Patrick. We are the home of Senator Ted Kennedy, the home of the winning Boston Red Sox, the home of the winning Boston Celtics, the home of the New England Patriots, we are the pioneer in universal health care, we are the birthplace of education, and we are first in equality in marriage in the United States.

Massachusetts proudly casts it's vote: 52 for Hillary Clinton..."

At that point, Governor Patrick took leaned into the microphone and added, "and 65 votes for the next president of the United States Barack Obama."


Originally published on Wednesday August 27, 2008.

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