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Right wing magazine 'clears up confusion' on gays

by PageOneQ

Focus on the Family youth and gender specialist Mike Haley has a message for his readers in a recent edition of Breakaway Magazine.

Flanked by photos of metrosexual teen boys with facial expressions hinting at inner conflict, Haley offers a two-page debunking of "myths" that seemingly run the risk of convincing a gay youth questioning of his sexuality that homosexuality is an acceptable characteristic.

Among proclamations made in the article:

  • The "gay gene" is a tool to establish homosexuality as an "unchangeable" characteristic, further the marriage rights agenda, and indoctrinate pre-schoolers.
  • Alfred Kinsey's research was "pretty biased," and a "series of national studies," including a 1993 Wall Street Journal article, suggest that only 3% of people identify as gay or bisexual.

"What's the big deal about how many people are gay or straight?" the article asks. "By saying that one out of 10 people in the United States is homosexual, some gay activists are knowingly promoting a lie and declaring that homosexuality should be accepted as normal. Yet even this reasoning is lame. For instance, 10 percent to 15 percent of Americans suffer from alcoholism, but we don't accept this behavior as normal or healthy."

The entire article, Clearing Up the Confusion: Why Homosexuality Is NOT Part of God's Plan, is available below, as printed in the March 2008 edition of Breakaway Magazine.

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Originally published on Wednesday March 5, 2008.

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