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Whoopi Goldberg: Children should not be scared by gay penguins

by PageOneQ

During a spirited panel discussion, Whoopi Goldberg says that a Virginia school district could use some understanding before rushing to judge the "gay penguin book."

And Tango Makes Three, recently pulled from school library shelves in Loudoun County, Virginia, chronicles a male penguin couple who take care of each other while raising a baby.

While not advocating a cultural "pre-emptive strike" by introducing the subject matter before a child might be ready, co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck thinks it's a good resource for when a child asks about "two daddies."

"Penguins take care of each other," Goldberg contends. "If you scare a child about something, they will be scared. If you make it inappropriate, then it becomes inappropriate. If this is about two penguins that are given an egg because there's too many, and someone needs to help it hatch... that's what this is about!"

The entire exchange, as broadcast on ABC's The View on Monday, February 18, 2008, can be viewed below.


Originally published on Tuesday February 19, 2008.

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