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Right wing video warns: Gays are plotting to invade City Hall

by Nick Langewis

The town of Eureka Springs is turning into the "San Francisco of Arkansas," warns the American Family Association, and it can happen in your town too.

The presentation in the AFA trailer below, "They're Coming to Your Town," tells the tale of an uncharacteristically diverse resort town's government infiltrated by "a handful of homosexual activists" and bent to their will through the enactment of the town's domestic partner registry on June 22, 2007.

"Watch, and learn," says the trailer, "how to fight a well-organized gay agenda to take over the cities of America, one city at a time."

Eureka Springs, most recently, has gotten an honorable mention from unlikely celebrity and Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern, who propped it up as an example of the "gay agenda" that she has called a "death knell" and a larger threat than international terrorism, in addition to comparing such an "agenda" to cancer.

The domestic partner registry isn't legally recognized outside Eureka Springs due to Arkansas' Amendment 83, passed in 2004, which simply reads: "Marriage consists only of the union of one man and one woman." Amendment 83 was invoked by Rev. Philip Wilson, a vocal opponent of the registry who said that it would render the town a "homosexual mecca." Wilson submitted two sets of petition signatures, aiming to force enactment of the registry onto a special ballot, which were declined.

"It's Eureka's nature to welcome ALL who choose to visit," says the "Welcome" page at Eureka Pride, which presides over three "diversity weekends" throughout the year and maintains a directory of LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses in the community. "Eureka has a very diverse population. We're Victorian in style, not in attitudes. Yes, we have a 7 story Jesus that sits atop East Mountain at the Passion Play grounds. But we're also home to many art galleries, fine dining establishments, and some of the best nightclubs in the region."

Good As You blogger Jeremy Hooper made a parody of the ad for his site:


Originally published on Monday April 14, 2008.

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