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Colbert grills 'pro-family' pundit over gay marriage

by PageOneQ

A satirical Stephen Colbert sat down with Family Research Council president and author of Personal Faith, Public Policy Tony Perkins to discuss the California Supreme Court ruling, handed down May 15, affirming the equal right to civil marriage for same-sex couples.

"The bible," Colbert said, "says right there in Leviticus: Man shall not lie down with man! Now, most people think that refers only to sex, but I say you can never be too careful, which is why I always bring cubicle dividers to the beach."

"Many are shocked and outraged," Colbert said of the ruling. "I get the outrage, but shocked? That California is pro-gay? I assume these are the same people who were shocked when Elton John finally came out, even though he'd been wearing fuchsia sun goggles with windshield wipers for years."

"I've read the constitution forwards and backwards," Colbert continued, "and I see nothing in there that protects gays.

"Why," he asks Perkins, "do these judges keep seeing gay things in the Constitution?"

"They're afforded the same rights and privileges as you and I are," Perkins responded. "They don't have a right to marry just as you and I don't have the right to marry anybody we want to. We don't have a right to marry our first cousin..."

"No, no, no," Colbert countered. "I'm from South Carolina."

"There is a reason," Perkins continued, "that in public policy, that we work to strengthen and uphold the institution of marriage, because that is...really the building block for society."

"Do you keep Kosher?" Colbert asks. "I think it would really be better for the anti-gay-marriage side if they obeyed everything in the Bible, not just the anti-gay-marriage part. Don't you?"

"When did Jesus talk about gay people?" he presses further. "Because I keep on looking for that so I could win some arguments."

The entire segment of The Colbert Report, aired on Comedy Central on May 27, 2008, is available to view below.


Originally published on Wednesday May 28, 2008.

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