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Gay talk show host attempts to contact Oklahoma Rep. Kern during television broadcast

by Nick Langewis

Openly gay comedienne and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, having recently taken the unusual step of weighing in on the Lawrence King murder, again "went political" on today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, addressing the ongoing controversy surrounding leaked audio of a speech given by Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern to what she thought was a private group of Republicans.

The recording has sparked public outcry and support alike nationwide after its debut on YouTube and concurrent campaign by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. Kern has since come out in person, and through the Oklahoma House of Representatives' media office, to stand by her statements and her First Amendment rights.

The speech, which accused gays of "infiltrating" government posts in order to indoctrinate children in public schools and otherwise further the "homosexual agenda," prompted DeGeneres to attempt a phone call to Kern, to audience applause, during the show's taping.

"I feel like there's some misinformation going on here," Ellen said after playing clips of the speech, "and--I think I need to call her."

The automated voice mail system indicated that Kern's inbox was full.

"I bet!" Ellen responds out loud, before opting instead to leave a message for the legislator via television broadcast.

"Hi! It's Ellen DeGeneres," she opens. "The gay one."

The entire clip, including the full message to Rep. Kern, can be viewed below, as broadcast on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 12, 2008. Audio of Rep. Kern's speech is available at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, and also embedded below.

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Originally published on Wednesday March 12, 2008.

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