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Kern: Gay and pro-gay philanthropists furthering moral decay

by Nick Langewis

"Where are the social conservative billionaires?" asks embattled Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern. "We've got some, but they don't give money the way the gay philanthropists are giving their money."

Additional audio obtained by PageOneQ of the recent controversial speech by Rep. Kern gives more detail to her criticisms of the "gay agenda," especially on a political level: the lawmaker specifically targets four philanthropists, who cumulatively contribute tens of millions of dollars a year to LGBT causes and political campaigns.

Rep. Kern has been under fire since portions of the speech calling homosexuality a larger threat than terrorism, and the "death knell" for the United States, were released by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund earlier this month. The legislator has stood by her statements, refusing to apologize, and has since retained legal counsel.

"I like to call myself a social conservative," the speech opened. "And for me, a social conservative is more than just being Pro-Life and wanting smaller government spending less."

"What made us great," says Kern of the United States, "and what is destroying us is just like a coin; it's a flip side. What made us great is that fact that we were a nation founded upon Christian principles."

Kern says that the Founding Fathers gave preferential treatment to Christianity in the early days of the United States, and that the "gay agenda" is one big indicator that American society shows signs of moral bankruptcy by straying from "Christian values" and abandoning a "cohesive values system."

"Here's the problem," the lawmaker says: "The gay people are motivated. If we, as...whether you're Christian or not--if you're just a good conservative--if we were as motivated as the gay people were, the contest would be over."

The philanthropic efforts of Colorado entrepreneur Tim Gill, founder of the pro-LGBT Gill Foundation, are mentioned in the speech, along with his counterparts in the Colorado "Gang of Four." Gill, Pat Stryker (sister of openly-gay philanthropist John Stryker), Rutt Bridges and Congressional candidate Jared Polis have "changed the face of Colorado" through grassroots activism, seeking swing votes and funding local and state political races, Kern laments, as a result of being courted, but ultimately abandoned, by the Democratic Party when there is danger of a larger base being alienated.

Says Rep. Kern of the Gang of Four: "...they contributed last year over $30 million to state races. They targeted 13 states. They targeted 70 local politicians; they took out 50 of them.

"For 40 years, Colorado's legislature was in the hands of Republicans. In '06 it changed to the hands of the Democrats. And the main reason is because of--they're pushing--these four people, along with other people--and I have a list of them here--the top ones that you can see. This is important, because, when you start looking at who's contributing to races, say that particular statewide race we're all concerned about, look for some of these names. They don't give more than $1,000--because they don't want to draw attention--but they will give up to $1,000.

"Their strategy is very under-the-table, very stealth; and their goal is to find state legislatures that are very tight...and in just a few races, can make the difference to switch it from Republican to Democrat--they're going to target that. And their goal is, in doing that, to intimidate Republicans."

The entire speech, in .mp3 format, is available here:


Originally published on Friday March 21, 2008.

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