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Dennis Miller: 'Hunky Jesus' pageant does not affect my covenant with God

by PageOneQ

Comedian and political commentator Dennis Miller doesn't take Bill O'Reilly's "gay bait" when it comes to Easter Sunday's "hunky Jesus" contest in San Francisco.

"I say," says Miller, "that whatever covenant I have with God, and I assume most people do--it's not impinged upon by moron homosexual guys having parades in San Francisco."

Yearning for biblical perspective and/or an affirmation of his moral outrage, O'Reilly asks Miller if he'd at least want the parade participants turned to salt.

"I don't know, Bill," responds Miller.

"It doesn' doesn't matter to me."

The exchange, as broadcast on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor on March 25, 2008, is available to view below.


Originally published on Thursday March 27, 2008.

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